Traps – Sabbath Day Message – 06/24/17

The Hebrew word for snare is mowqesh which means a bait, a lure, or a trap.  Trap when defined as a noun is “a situation in which people lie in wait to make a surprise attack:”   Believers, be watchful and alert for people in this world that may try to trap you.   Whether it’s in relationships, whether it’s a trap to lure you into human sex trafficking, whether it’s a trap to lure you to become a slave laborer, whether it’s people who want to trap you to take your life, there are evil people  in this world that will try to trap you.  We avoid traps by being led of God when making decisions in life. Today, we want to encourage you to be on the lookout for traps. The outline for the Sabbath Day message “Traps ” for 06/24/17 can be found at