When Not To Get Married- Sabbath Day Message – 07/01/17

Marriage is a holy institution between a man and a woman that was defined and ordained by God. It is a union that the Lord also instituted through which children are to be born, created thriving and growing families.  Marriage is a relationship that should be filled with joy and happiness.

I believe that the Lord has ordained a person for you to marry. Because the Lord has someone designated for you, don’t always be so willing to jump and connect to the first thing that crosses your eyes, to the first thing that grabs your attention.  Though we should get married to produce families in the Lord, there are times when you should wait, times when you shouldn’t get married.    The outline for the Sabbath Day message “When Not To Get Married” for 07/01/17 can be found at http://bible.com/events/242290 .