When 'No’ Means ‘Yes’- Sabbath Day Message – 07/08/17

Sometimes we ask God for things or we believe God for things, yet we don’t receive what we ask for.  Even when  you make sure that you are living right, that you’re paying your tithes, that you give your time to church, that you are being faithful, yet you don’t get what you wanted, or you don’t receive from God what you asked for. In this walk of life, even as we strive to live holy, we must come to the realization that sometimes, the Lord may not answer your prayer, sometimes the Lord God may say ‘no’ to our petition.  But even when God tells us ‘no’, we must believe that he is setting us up for a ‘yes’ in our future.   Today, we want to look at when ‘no’ means ‘yes’. The outline for the Sabbath Day message “When ‘No’ Means ‘Yes’” for 07/08/17 can be found at http://bible.com/events/245613 .