Speak Up!- Sabbath Day Message – 07/29/17

The Department of Homeland Security has a slogan, “if you see something, say something”.  In other words, if you see someone in your neighborhood who normally isn’t there, if you see something, an object, car, etc, that is in a place where something shouldn’t be, the government wants you to speak up, and say something!

In our reading today, we see where Saul tell his son Jonathan and all his attendants to kill David. Now Jonathan in I Samuel 18:3 had made a covenant with David, and verse 1 of this I Samuel 19 even tells us that Jonathan had taken a great liking to David, so we can say that these men were friends. So as a good friend, what does Jonathan does do when he finds out that his friend’s life is in danger, Jonathan speaks up!  He saw something, so he said something!  Today as we look at this passage of scripture, we want to encourage you to speak up!!!  The outline for the Sabbath Day message “Speak Up!” for 07/29/17 can be found at http://bible.com/events/255659 .