April 3, 2017

About Us

Sharing God’s love, one soul at a time!

The Abundant Grace Church of the Living God is a multi-cultural non-denominational church that was formed in the summer of 2014.  Our church was formed by believers who were in need of a place to worship and serve God on the Seventh Day Sabbath.  Built on a foundation of prayer and the Word of God, members would gather together each week to fellowship and have church services in the living room and dining room of our pastor.  After 11 months of house services, God blessed us with space in Trotwood which serves as our current campus.  The same love that we shared when we formed our church, is still felt today every time we come together.  This strong love amongst founding members has led to our Abundant Guarantee.


Abundant Guarantee: If you visit our church, we guarantee that at least 10 people will either greet you with a smile, give you a hug, or will shake your hand! We invite you to come and put our guarantee to the test!


At Abundant Grace, our objective is to change, impact, and expose.





Church should be a place of change. We want to introduce individuals to our Lord God so that you life can change. If you can’t come to church and get changed, where can you go?



We want to affect the lives of people outside of the four walls of our church, by making an impact in our region. We impact the lives of others when we fight against poverty, human trafficking, homeliness, and other social issues.


We need to expose our youth to various things so that they can find their passion, love, and cause in life. First, will expose them to our Lord God. Secondly, we will work to expose our youth to the importance of education, STEM concepts, financial literacy, the arts, music, food, and more!

We are also committed to fighting against poverty, encouraging education, and strengthening families