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Worship – 09/16/23 – 1:00pm EST

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Worship – 09/09/23 – 1:00pm EST

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About Us.

The Abundant Grace Church of the Living God is a non-denominational church that was formed in the summer of 2014. Our church was formed by believers who were in need of a place to worship and serve God on the Seventh Day Sabbath. Built on a foundation of prayer and the Word of God, members would gather together each week to fellowship and have church services in the living room and dining room of our pastor. After 11 months of house services, God blessed us with space in Trotwood, Ohio, which serves as our current campus. The same love that we shared when we formed our church, is still felt today every time we come together. This strong love amongst founding members has led to our Abundant Guarantee: If you visit our church, we guarantee that at least 10 people will either greet you with a smile, give you a hug, or shake your hand! We invite you to come and put our guarantee to the test!



Churches often deal with the issue of member retention: after a member joins the church, what will motivate them to stay and be active members? We looked at the early church to see what they did to deal with this issue. Acts 2:41 tells us of how that on the day of Pentecost, they that “gladly received this word were baptized”, and how 3000 souls were added to the church that day. Verse 42 of this passage then tells us that the church did four things after the addition of new souls.

Sounds so simple right?  Our church will follow this Acts 2:42 framework which consists of these four simple principles, to ensure that our church is flourishing church, rooted and grounded in the Word of God.

Apostles’ Teaching

Each week, we will offer the opportunity to study and hear God’s word in a variety of formats for a variety of age groups. Bible Study and Scriptures & Tea (Sabbath School) will allow students to gather in a classroom setting to study the word of God in groups led by a teacher. The preached Word of God will allow the scriptures to be taught in large group settings.


After services, we encourage you to stay and fellowship with us during dinner. After the conclusion of the Sabbath when the sun goes does, our youth can participate in various activities for all ages in our game room and kids zone, while the adults can fellowship in our large comfortable atrium. During the fall, you can also join us outside after service around the fire pit as we view the lake!

Sharing in Meals

Dinner will be served most Sabbath Days, to give members the ability to break bread, or eat together. During Scriptures & Tea, breakfast snacks, tea, and coffee is served. Our community dinner is a combination of food brought in by members. To participate in our breakfast or dinner meals, please remember to only bring in foods that adhere to our Dietary Law.


Our church was built on prayer, and we pray several times during each service. Most Sabbath Day services also concludes with a circle unity prayer, where we stand in a large circle holding hands or gather around the altar, as we pray unto our Lord God!


Servant Leaders

Meet those who will work with you, and not work over you
Bill Houston
Senior Pastor


Meals Served


Souls Prayed For




Messages preached


Service Times

We observe the Seventh Day Sabbath, hence our primary day of worship falls on Saturdays. Our services feature soulful and contemporary praise and worship.
With bible studies and expository preaching, we offer several ways for you to be enriched in God’s word, with styles that addresses all age groups.
Bible Study

8:00 PM EST


Bible Study will allow students to gather in a classroom setting to study the word of God in groups led by a teacher.

Scriptures & Tea (Sabbath School)

1:30 PM EST


Scriptures & Tea (Sabbath School) will allow students to gather in a classroom setting to study the word of God in groups led by a teacher.

Sabbath Afternoon Service

3:30 PM EST


Our weekly services offer praise and worship, testimony service, and the word of God is delivered through expository teaching.



We hope that you will like our church once you visit, but just don’t take our word for it!!!

I felt so loved when I visited this church! The members were very friendly, the music was great, and I loved hearing the Word of God! I look forward to coming back!



Visitor, March 2019


Why select us?

We guarantee that at least 10 people will either greet you with a smile, give you a hug, or shake your hand!

Empowering Youth

We love young people, and we have activities and resources designed to empower your youth.


We promote and provide programs that help to fight poverty, strengthen families, and promote education.


We encourage you to come grow with us as we endeavor to share God’s love one soul at a time. Come and worship by the lake, just like Jesus did!p.

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About Abundant Grace

There are a lot of churches in the world, and we encourage you to attend church at a place that meets your needs.

Where to find us

Main campus: 4444 Lake Center Drive, Trotwood, Ohio, 45426

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