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In additions to our present activities of teaching God’s word, we also desire to be a central place in our community where individuals can come to get access to resources to assist with education, to fight against poverty, and to empower families. This approach allows the church to be a hub of resources in the community, which in turn helps to make a strong community.


We want to provide tutoring resources for students who need help in grades 3-12.  If we get enough resources, we want to extend these services to college students.  We also want to promote the importance of graduating from high school and as well as attending some type of post-secondary educational schools.
20150608_151814 Poverty
If our education programs are successful, they will allow students to acquire good jobs that will help to stop poverty for some families and areas.   Along with this, we also would like to provide technology training and job skills classes for adults which can enable them to acquire better jobs.  Finally, we would also like to provide financial literacy programs for youth and adults.
dsc_0905 Families
Strong balanced families are key to any community. We would like to provide life skill classes geared toward families that can empower them to be strong such as classes focusing on parenting skills and marriage classes.  Also, our educational and poverty programs will also empower families.


Here are some links to additional community resources.


Electronic Sex Offender Registration and Notification (eSORN).

Ohio kids might be playing online with sexual predators and their parents have no clue. Ohioans can look behind the electronic curtain to use a reverse look-up feature to look up offenders using Electronic Sex Offender Registration and Notification (eSORN). For more information, read this article or visit the Ohio Attorney General Offender Search website.


BE FREE Dayton

Sex recruitment and trafficking is a major problem in the country and in the Miami Valley.  The mission of Be Free Dayton is to abolish and prevent sex trafficking in Dayton and the Miami Valley through education, outreach, demand reduction and research.  To learn more about how you can help to prevent this problem, as well as to watch for any red flags from potential victims, please visit the Oasis House .


Oasis House

The mission of the Oasis House is offer hope to women in the sex industry by promoting healing, restoration, and empowerment through Christ’s unconditional love, teaching practical life skills, and mentoring the transformational process.



Marriage Works! Ohio

Marriage Works! Ohio is a collaborative effort of diverse organizations united to help build healthy families and healthy communities throughout the Miami Valley of Ohio by providing marriage and relationship education for couples. Their mission is to  nurture the development of healthy relationships, marriages, and families.  For more information, please visit their website.



Conversations of a Lifetime

Resources to help talk about the end of life:



Sycamore State Park

Our church is in walking distance of the 3,000 acre Sycamore State Park!  To learn about this wonderful park, please visit their website.



Wolf Creek Bikeway


Our church is literally a few steps from the Wolf Creek Bikeway, part of the Five Rivers Metropark!  This bikeway is perfect for walking or biking.  As you can see from the picture above, you can watch a beautiful view on the path as the sun sets in the evening.  To learn more about this bikeway, visit their website.